TY KU Sake, Premium Junmai, Sliver

Imported sake. World Wine Competition Platinum. Ty Ku Silver is a premium Junmai Sake that utilizes 30% polished sake rice and all natural ingredients. Fresh & slightly sweet with subtle pear notes, leaving softness on the palate. SMV: +1.9. Acidity: 1.7. Amino Acid: 1.1. Star Diamond Award. TryTyKu.com. The Sake Meter Value (SMV) indicates the dryness or sweetness of sake. Gluten free, no tannins, no sulfites. World's best tasting sake. Platinum SIP award winner. Japanese Akebono rice polished away 30%. Scan with your phone to learn more about Ty Ku Sake Silver. Sake Classification: Based on how much of each rice grain is polished away. Junmai: Greater than 30%. Ty Ku Sake Silver is over 30%. To learn more about Ty Ku Sake please visit trytyku.com. 15% alc/vol. Imported & Bottled by Ty Ku Sake, Rochester, NY. Craft brewed in Nara, Japan. Produced in Japan.