Our Story

In 1921 George C. Goodwin (senior) was employed by Cresent Creamery, a dairy located in Reno, Nevada. He later married and moved his family to Long Beach, California. In 1943 his only son of three children, George D. Goodwin, enlisted in the Unites States Navy. Upon his departure he told his father to look for a business they could purchase and operate together as a family. Three years later, February 1946 George (senior), Bill Fuller (son in law) and son George (Jr.) opened a small general store in Crestline, California. (The current hardware store location). The small family business was successful and by 1957 a new 8,000 sqft. market was built. The success continued and within 15 years the market would undergo three remodels reaching a total of 19,000 sqft. (The current post office & Oak Trunk location).The success of the company, strong family philosophy and hard working dedication of the Goodwin’s employee’s continued and in February 1985 (39 years after opening the business) a 42,500 sqft. supermarket was opened at its current location. Goodwin’s Market is currently operated by Georges’ son David Goodwin and grandson Michael Johnstone. Goodwin’s continually works on updating the store and its services to better serve this wonderful community!

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