The SmokeStack Culinary Seasoning Smoke, Alder

Blended with herbs. Just fill & grill, smoke canister included. Natural wood fired flavor. Blended with vintage oak, rosemary and dill. For gas grills, electric grills, charcoal grills. For centuries people have been using hardwoods for cooking and grilling their foods. The smoke given off by these woods added unique flavors to their meals. In today's age, with charcoal gas and electric grills, barbecued food lacks this fired flavor. The Smokestack Company has developed this convenient product to bring your grill to life using the finest hardwoods, vintage wine barrel wood and herbs! Our step process with our unique smoking canister allows the chips to smolder and produce an aromatic seasoning smoke. By capturing this aroma within your covered grill, your foods will take on a wood fired flavor with an old world twist!