Robs Really Good Beverage, Pomelicious, Pomegranate Flavor

Genuinely delicious. Fair trade certified ingredients. Our story. Adventurous and cool. Venice Beach, California. We held hands and walked in the sand. The sun was warm on our faces. I wanted to feel the coolness of the ocean on my feet. It was chilly. I ran fast, like one of those shorebirds back east. She laughed, watching me move so quickly. The board walk was swirling with excitement, musicians, jugglers, storytellers. I wanted to stop right there, and tell jokes to passersbys. She went shopping, and bought a red hat. How appropriate. We stopped for something to drink, and ordered two Pomelicious. Wow! I'll never forget the taste, that red rich color, icy cold, sooooo delicious. She gave me her bottle cap. It had a black and yellow swirl on it. It read, The greatest adventure is discovering what you can do. I gave her my bottle cap, it read, recapture that child-like spark. Get your feet wet. Enjoy your adventure, Rob. Changing the world with fair trade. Think positive. Drink positive. Be positive. You're really good! Let the swirl be in you! All natural. Contains less than 2% juice. Positive drinking. Positive thinking. Vitamin C (100% DV). Always be positive at Recycle please.