Port Brewing Ale, Old Viscosity

Not your dad's 30 weight. Ale aged in oak barrels. Everyone always ask us, what kind of beer is Old Viscosity? We have to pause for a minute here as there are restrictions about how you can and can't describe beer on labels. Since you've already asked, we've decided to tell you that it's thick, as in my chest just grew a wool coat soft of way. It's dark and sludgy like the old 50 W oozing from the crank of that old truck. Beers like Old Viscosity are revered like old school pieces of equipment we know and love. The ones that cause people to say, they don't build them like this anymore. We know you'll com to love and appreciate everything about Old Viscosity even if we never tell you exactly what kind of beer it is. Alc. 10.0% by vol. Brewed and bottled by Port Brewing Company San Marcos, CA.