Oscar Mayer Lunchables Peanut Butter+Jelly Sandwich with Fruit Lunch Combinations

Oscar Mayer Lunchables Peanut Butter + Jelly Sandwich Lunch Combinations with Fruit. New! Dole® oranges in 100% fruit juices. Soft pull - apart bread made with 8g whole grain per serving. Peanut butter & grape jelly. Berry snacks. Mandarin oranges in 100% fruit juices, pull - apart bread, peanut butter & grape jelly, natural and artificial flavored berry snack. Made with whole grain. 2011 The name Smithsonian and the Smithsonian logo are registered trademarks of Smithsonian Institution. Lunchables with fruit - peanut butter & jelly. Mandarin Oranges product of China; product packaged in Thailand. Berry snack product of Canada. Turn used Lunch kits into $ for your school. Visit lunchables.com to find out more! Visit us at oscarmayer.com or call us at: 1-800-222-2323. Please have package available. Terracycle™. Card 100% recyclable. Kraft Foods.