Karl Strauss Ale, Handcrafted, Red Trolley Off the Rails

Share it. Cheers. Keep our beaches and ocean beautiful. Recycle. After brewing our award-winning Red Trolley Ale for more than two decades, we decided to raise the stakes. Why mess with a good thing? Because it's that kind of dangerous thinking that leads to the next great beer. For this undertaking, we more than doubled our Red Trolley recipe with massive amounts of sweet caramel malts and earthy Willamette hops. Off the Rails has arrived: A West Coast Imperial Red Ale with rich toffee flavors, undertones of dark fruits, and a derailing hop character. If this is your first time off the rails, hang on with both hands. Alc 8.5% by vol. Brewed and bottled by Karl Strauss Brewing Company San Diego, CA.