Ready Pac Complete Salad, Baby Spinach

Includes: Salad (4.5 oz), Dressing (2.5 oz), Croutons (1 oz). Baby Spinach, Tasty Dressing with Real Bacon Bits & Croutons. Triple washed. Create your own delicious Baby Spinach salad - Ready Pac Baby Spinach Complete Salad has everything you need right in the bag! Classic spinach, salad dressing with the hearty bits of real bacon and crisp, perfectly seasoned croutons enhance the fresh flavor of our tender baby spinach. Ready Pac carefully washes the baby spinach three times and then gently places it and the condiments in special pillow-packaging. The unique pillow protects the tender leaves from bruising, and helps keep the salad fresh and crisp. Look for the Ready Pac Diamond - it is your guarantee that you are buying the very best. No preservatives.