Ritz Snack Mixers Baked Snacks, Traditional Flavor

Ritz Snack Mixers offers a fun way to enjoy five flavorful snacks at once! Dig in and you'll get a different snack every time you reach in the bag! Buttery Ritz bits, Buttery Ritz Bits with Whole Wheat, Cheesy Cheddar Wedges, Crunchy Pretzel Sticks, Wholesome Shreddies. This delicious, crunchy combination of five great snacks is perfect by the handful anytime and anywhere - snacktime to school time to partytime. And it comes in two great flavors - Traditional and Cheddar. Ritz Snack Mixers is packed in an easy open, recloseable Snack Zip bag that helps keep Ritz Snack Mixers fresh.