KIND Sweet & Spicy Almond Bar Sweet Cayenne BBQ

KIND® Sweet & Spicy Almond Bar Sweet Cayenne BBQ. Mid-morning snack. Travel. Lunchtime. Meetings. 10g Plant protein. Net Wt. 1.6 oz (45 g). Who says "barbeque" has to be "junk food" if it doesn't come from a grill Now that's just unfair. Whether you're a grill guru or not, you deserve great BBQ taste year-round, and we've met the challenge to bring you that here. No artificial flavors or anything greasy, just bold, savory taste. We respect the barbeque. Do you Gluten free. Good source of protein. No genetically modified ingredients. No soy. Low glycemic index. Low sodium. Made with domestic and imported ingredients. Call: +1 855.884.KIND. Visit: