IAMS Premium Puppy Food, Large Breed Formula

For puppies over 50 lbs at maturity. Special balance of minerals and energy supports controlled growth. Nutrient-rich chicken nourishes growing muscles and vital organs. Formulated for large breed puppies to help better build bones and joints. Healthy Growth Rate: Ideal balance of minerals and energy nourishes bones and joints for a healthy growth rate. Strong Immune System: Essential vitamins and minerals provide the building blocks for healthy immune system development. Healthy Digestion: Gentle, patented fiber source is easy on your puppy's sensitive digestive system. High digestibility means small stools and easy clean-up for you. Muscle Strength and Energy: High-quality chicken promotes firm muscle tone and supports a healthy heart. A patented blend of wholesome grains are a rich source of carbohydrates to fuel your puppy's growth. Overall Healthy and Vitality: Vitamin-rich fish oil nourishes the heart, liver, kidneys and skin. Fish oil also promotes healthier skin and softer, shinier coat. Animal feeding tests using Association of American Feed Control Officials procedures substantiate that Iams Puppy Large Breed Formula provides complete and balanced nutrition for growth. Pet food only. Made in USA.