Authentic Asia™ Korean Inspired Beef 10 oz. Box

Fresh-Seal® for Freshness!Our Fresh-Seal® technology vacuums in the fresh, vibrant flavors and the enticing flavor of a sweet and spicy sauce. An Asian Odyssey of Culinary PassionOur voyage began humbly in the Jia brothers' small seed shop in Bangkok. Through years of dedication and experience, CP enjoys the distinction of being one of Asia's most successful food companies while remaining committed to using unique ingredients to create authentic, distinctive recipes. CP's Authentic Asia collection reflects Charoen Pokphand, "Prosperity in Food," and brings you the essence of genuine regional cuisine, carefully interpreted, expertly prepared, and conveniently frozen. Join in the Adventure! Korean Inspired Beef with NoodlesLose yourself in the full-flavored adventure of Korean cuisine, where toasted sesame mellows the fire of chili peppers in an enticing sauce that complements the tenderness of grilled all-natural* beef and hearty udon noodles, and enhances the medley of broccoli, bell peppers, bok choy, and bamboo shoots. Let yourself be captivated by the exotic  dance between spicy and sweet. Your Journey Through Asian Cuisine