Mcconnells Ice Cream, Sweet Cream

Since 1949. Udderly delicious. Real California milk. Made exclusively with California, hormone free (no rBST/rBGH) and antibiotic free dairy. Certified kosher. McConnell's Fine Ice Creams was founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1949. Today, using Mac McConnell's legendary Hybrid French Pot Process, along with the highest-quality ingredients, we churn out the world's finest handcrafted ice cream. We support: milk + bookies. 1% for the planet member. Here at McConnell's, we're experts at milking it. And we don't mean sweet-talking the senile old broad at the DMV out of a parking ticket (I owe ya' one, Gladys). We get our milk on with hormone and antibiotic-free, ridiculously happy cows from Californ-I-A. These babies are the creme de la ice creme. Literally. And we milk 'em for all they're worth, taking all that rich, creamy goodness, then whippin' in pure cane sugar and fresh, cage-free huevos. We know what you're thinking: Holy cow, this Suh-weet Cream is udderly delicious! (Sorry. We couldn't help ourselves.) So go ahead. Grab a pint (or four). Then back away from the freezer, 'cause you're fogging it up with all your heavy breathing. Handcrafted in Santa Barbara, CA since 1949.