Tee Iced Tea with Peach Lemonade

Naturally refreshing. Contains 3% juice. Pasteurized. The Legend of the Arnold Palmer: In the world of sports, Arnold Palmer is as much an icon for golf as lemons are for lemonade. Or in Arnold's case, it's better said as Lemonade is to Iced Tea. Throughout the course of Arnold Palmer's celebrated career of 91 tournament titles, Arnold's favorite beverage has also achieved celebrity status. This refreshing tale has its roots with Arnold as a young boy during long, hot summer days at a golf course where his father worked. It was there he found his love and talent for golf. To beat the heat and revitalize his game. Arnold combined his two favorite drinks - Iced Tea and Lemonade. It was his ultimate thirst quencher. As Arnold's career flourished, this personal favorite soon became a clubhouse tradition at golf courses across America and is now fondly known as The Arnold Palmer. Now, try the Arnold Palmer Peach - same refreshing, yet fruity and delightful! Made with premium Iced Tea and Peach Lemonade, Arnold Palmer Iced Tea with Peach Lemonade brings to you the fruity and delightful peach sensation in addition to the refreshing goodness of original Arnold Palmer Tee. It will become the personal favorite of everyone!