Romeros Tortillas 12 ea

Special for fajitas. Made with vegetable oil. No trans fat. Cholesterol free. Premium quality. Crown of quality. Resealable bag. Norwalk. Santa Fe Springs. San Bernardino. Microwaveable. Romero's Premium Quality Snack Size Flour Tortillas are soft, flexible and delicious. Freshly baked and rushed to your store so you can enjoy the hearty goodness and flavor with all your favorite meals. They are perfect for traditional Mexican favorites like burritos, soft tacos, fajitas, chimichangas and quesadillas. Also, serve Romero's Premium Quality Snack Size Flour Tortillas instead of bread at meals. Use them to roll up a hot dog, wrap up with scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, add your favorite spread or sandwich meats, create a quick pizza using them as the crust. For a quick snack try them with a little bit of butter and salt, or just plain!