Aloe Kote Total Sunblock, SPF 25

A popular year-round product, waterproof Aloe Kote SPF 25 provides ultra sunscreen protection when applied as needed. Designed for facial areas exposed to sun, wind and cold air, Aloe Kote moisturizes sensitive skin as it protects. Aloe Kote goes on clear. The Aloe Kote formulation consists of the highest quality sunscreens in a base of Aloe Oil. The Aloe Kote jar is convenient for pocket, purse or sports bag. Aloe Kote SPF 25 - another innovative, unequaled sun product from Aloe Up. For nose, lips and ears. UVA/UVB Protection. PABA free. Formulated for: Wind surfers; water polo; volleyball; swimmers; surfers; golfers; skiers; tennis players; snowboarders; water skiers; fishermen; gardeners; campers; hunters; joggers; sailors; hikers. Helps reduce long term effects of excessive sunlight.