Honest Thirst Quencher, Lower-Sugar Organic, Berry Berry Good Lemonade

USDA organic. 100% daily vitamin C. About 1/2 the sugar of most kids' drinks. No high fructose corn syrup! A message from Seth and Barry's kids: Our Dads started making these drinks called Honest Tea, but they're mostly for grown-ups. Bor-ing. We told them we wanted our own drinks - something cool and different from anything else out there. So they messed around with a bunch of recipes and came up with Honest Kids. The drinks taste great, and because they're not too sweet and there's no fake stuff, your parents will like buying them as much as we like drinking them. Honestly Yours, Elie & Zoe. Honest Kids contains about half the calories and sugar of most children's drinks, making it a good choice for parents while still offering a great taste for kids. - Joanna Conroy, Registered Dietitian. Contains 5% juice. From the makers of Honest Tea. No GMO: Honest Kids is committed to using only ingredients that are not produced using biotechnology. Gluten free. Certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic.