Springfield Automatic Blue Toilet Bowl Cleaner 1.7 Oz Peg

Easy to use! Simply drop in the tank. Helps clean and deodorize between scrubbings. Safe for use around pets. Safe for plumbing, harmless to septic tanks. It is important to: 1. clean toilet bowl thoroughly. 2. remove water-tank lid and brush away any sediments on the bottom of the tank so the tablet can adhere. 3. flush the toilet. When the water is at its lowest level, drop the tablet into the right rear corner of the water- tank as far from the water outlet as possible. Make certain that the tablet is not near the valve opening of the toilet mechanism (see diagram). 4. avoid flushing for at least 15 minutes so that the tablet may adhere to the bottom of the water-tank. When the water is no longer blue, simply add another springfield toilet bowl cleaner tablet. Just drop in the tank Non-polluting; no phosphates No chlorine; biodegradable